"I spent a year putting my heart and soul
into a blog and documenting what worked
and what didn’t..."


Blog Wonderful is an e-book written by blogger Dana Fox of Wonder Forest. This book is for both the beginner and novice blogger. It shares tips, tricks, and knowledge gained as a "new girl on the scene". What you will find in this e-book is a collection helpful information about becoming better at blogging, as well as some great hints from the author's profession as a web designer.
New on the blogging scene in 2011, Dana spent a year growing her following and documenting what worked, and what didn't. In just six short months she was able to attract a large following. Blog Wonderful is a collection of her findings and tricks. Written in an honest and encouraging easy-to-understand manner, you'll feel as though Dana is right there with you, sharing advice as a friend would. Every blogger needs this book.

Gaining new readers and followers
Staying loyal to your readers
Blog design tricks and tips
Branding yourself
Adsense and ad networks
Making money with your blog
Blog advertising
What not to do
Goals and expectations
and so much more!

Learn how to become a better blogger.


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"I absolutely love Dana’s e-book, Blog Wonderful! Even though I’ve been blogging for awhile now, there were still so many great tips that I found extremely helpful. Everything from little design tips to how important it is to connect with your readers. The last chapter about making money with your blog has been a huge help! And I love that Dana points out that you need to build an audience before asking someone to pay you for advertising. I’ve recently started a sponsorship program on my blog, and the tips I’ve found in Blog Wonderful have really helped to make sure I’m moving in the right direction. I’d definitely recommend this e-book to any new blogger!"
Sarah - www.simplydove.com

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